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Latest Developments

The staff, family & friends of The Krydon Group Inc. pause to remember those brave men and women that battled for our country on foreign shores 76 yrs ago to ensure the freedom and liberties for all Americans. We will never forget their sacrifices.

Krydon Group is pleased to announce that it has initiated a comprehensive due diligence process with the objective of securing CMMC certification. We have selected a trusted partner, The Core Solution, to assist and guide us in this very important initiative. Over the next couple of months we will begin to develop a technical road map and cybersecurity plan that matches CMMC standards and fortifies our existing cybersecurity measures. These efforts are always focused on securing data that has been entrusted to us by our customers.

The Krydon Group understands the significant impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on many of our customers, partners and key manufacturers. We continue to work with those impacted, providing a variety of solutions that make the most sense for meeting our customers particular needs.

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