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Field Services

Field Services

Krydon’s project ability to Engineer, Furnish and Install (EF&I) total solutions for its customers starts with a highly experienced and skilled workforce of professionals.

Our dedicated staff of installation professionals are focused on the key project performance factors of safety, schedule, quality, cost control and risk mitigation. We offer a range of services that spans from project planning through quality assurance oversight and commissioning.

Our team is a strategic resource that helps clients manage and install their power system requirements that can give them an advantage in project success...

Safety in the workforce is a top priority for our organization, ensuring that the safety standards on site are consistently high and in line with current regulations. Whether a project is small or large, Krydon is committed in devoting the necessary time and resources in completing the project.

Our tailored approach gives you optimal level of service for your project needs. For complex projects, we can provide installation managers augmented by experienced subject matter experts and deployment crews.


DC Power System Design Support Services  |  Installation Support Services  |  Commissioning and Load Testing

Post Installation Maintenance & Technical Support  |  System Troubleshooting

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