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DC Power Electronics

DC Power Electronics

Krydon Group engineers, delivers and supports fully integrated reserve power systems for regulating and monitoring power flow and providing backup power in the event of primary power loss until the primary source can be restored.

Direct Current (DC) power systems are used in critical facilities and communications network facilities to provide backup power to critical infrastructure for our customers. Power plants, that convert Alternating Current (AC) power to DC power are typically deployed in conjunction with alternate power sources such as stationary batteries or generators. Krydon Group provides these solutions for its customers from manufacturer’s it represents throughout the USA.

Krydon Group helps the customer determine...

The type of DC power system that is required to provide the specified voltage range at the customer’s load equipment under all operating conditions. When the commercial ac power system fails, the dc power system must operate the load equipment for a specified battery reserve time. Krydon’s DC power system design services includes the actual DC power plant capacity design and battery reserve time calculations based on the customer’s requirements. Other design considerations include the capacity of DC power distribution design and capacity, rectifier redundancy design, DC battery health telemetry, and future growth considerations.

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