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“The Krydon Team has also gone above and beyond to ensure that the solution sets were accurate and scaled correctly.  The team validated material lists and pointed out items that were not required or duplicative and provided recommendations for appropriate sparing when reviewing.  The great service continued even once the solutions were installed to provide questions or recommendations for resolving issues or faults.  Thanks again for your continued support!”

Kell Bates --- General Dynamics Information Technology

"I would recommend the Krydon Group for any project requiring DC power and battery backup systems. In addition to their technical abilities, I have found them to be extremely helpful, responsive to customer needs, cooperative, organized and dependable."

Michael King --- TribalCo

"Interport is very fortunate to partner with The Krydon Group and their knowledgeable staff. As an industry leader, Krydon brings their extensive engineering knowledge, industry expertise and well-established relationships to our partnership. We’ve enjoyed many years of collaboration and can rely on their team to provide important details, insights and a clear articulation of the customers’ needs. They’re an invaluable partner to Interport, providing us with feedback, critical access, and affiliations within the government sectors."

Chris Danback --- Interport

“Top notch company from top to bottom. Wished all contractors I dealt with were as responsive and detail oriented as Krydon. I have recommended them to many colleagues over the years and will continue to do so.”

Jim Oxley --- NJ Department of Environmental Protection

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