When faced with a capital program for new facilities or upgrades, managers are finding that the challenges are more complex than ever before.

Project owners are turning to program management professionals to achieve their capital program needs. With Krydon, our clients receive a professional program manager with full-service resources to support management at every phase, from inception to commissioning. This means we can reduce time and cost by providing these key supplemental services.

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Our program management system is...

Efficient and effective for the long-term. We maximize powerful tools and processes so we can right-size program staffing, resulting in a lean approach that lowers program costs. With our thorough risk management plan, we reduce risk systematically and increase certainty of success.

At Krydon, we believe a successful project is one that is managed effectively. That’s why we assign a dedicated project manager to your projects. Your project manager is your day-to-day liaison, someone who knows your business and its objectives. Think of your project manager as an extension of your team, your guide from project beginning to completion.

Prior to initiating a power delivery project, our project managers develop detailed task descriptions and checklists to define project requirements. This step provides engineers and support personnel with an accurate basis for project planning and execution. We use documented checking and control procedures for project drawings and documents. Our quality assurance program focuses on technical, local, state, and federal design, construction, safety, and environmental codes.

Risk must be managed regardless of the project objectives. Our project managers assist your team in identifying, assessing and prioritizing risks. No matter what the risk our experienced team knows how to anticipate risks and will go the extra mile to bring certainty to your next project.

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Project management is a process that requires a wide range of skills. The coordination of efforts required to bring a project to market in a timely manner are carried out by our extremely experienced and trained project managers. Our project managers have the hands-on experience needed to make your project a success. Our project managers approach each project in a focused manner resulting in projects that deliver value as defined by the scope of work, on time and within budget

These goals are accomplished utilizing the following guiding philosophy:


Thinking like the customer and sharing their vision.


Defining the scope of the project and project goals.


Developing a specific timeline and sequence of events.


Working directly with the customer to negotiate and agree to specific deliverables.


Managing the customer’s budget.


Keeping customers and all project stakeholders informed with regular up-date meetings.


Bringing successful closure to projects.